About Us

Company entered the market in 1987 with the purchase&sale of garment leather. Afterwards, our founders established a production facility in Usak, Turkey. With the desire to better respond to customer demands. Marmara Leather stepped into the production market with this well-designed facility. Than, received an entrepreneurial spirit for its growing business volume.

Marmara Leather, who shapes the market with special, aesthetic and contemporary collections it prepares every year, continues its activities in its production facility established in 2004 in Çorlu Organized Leather Industrial Zone in European standards. (Marmara Leather, 2019)

Our Policy

Providing continuous customer satisfaction with our production at high quality level by using world-class production technologies together with our production and administrative staff with high level of professional training and skill and documenting the quality management system to fulfill the requirements of "ISO 9001" standard. Besides that, we improve with each passing day.

  • Achieving the company and unit targets within the team spirit based on the philosophy of Total Quality,
  • Reviewing our business processes with the self-assessment process and identifying preventive approaches that will improve our performance,
  • In line with the continuous improvement approach, increasing the efficiency of all our processes to a level that can compete internationally,
  • Our activities to encourage innovative and creative approaches and to provide trainings to increase technical and behavioural competencies; We work with all our strength to become an exemplary organization in the Leather Sector with our leadership in terms of quality by managing in an integrated manner with Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.